New catalogue 2020 Pedestal and Woodeck

New catalogue 2020 Pedestal and Woodeck

May 11, 2020

Eterno Ivica presents the new 2020 catalogue with many important innovations

Eterno Ivica presents you the new 2020 catalogue updated with important news for the world of raised floors.

The new catalogue features new cover graphics and is also marked with the new logo created specifically for the anniversary of 65 years of activity.

You will be able to see all the latest innovations designed to further improve the installation. In fact, there are some new accessories that can be useful elements during installation, including for example the SCUDO, a separating layer that allows the acoustic bridge between the floor and the laying surface to be reduced; different types of tools to lay or raise the plates such as the plate lifter, the universal adjustable handle or the suction cup to raise the plate; and finally an accessory to increase the thickness of the fins.

For the aluminum substructure, on the other hand, a totally innovative cross head for both SE and NM supports: it will in fact be possible to place one, two, three or four aluminum joists simultaneously on the same head. Other novelties for aluminium joist laying are the new vertical infill clips, shaped so as to match perfectly with the joist to be positioned under the base of the support and the new lateral clip 90°.

> Download and consult the new catalogue to find out more!